Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Butterfly Gallery Wall Complete

One day in a blog called Decor8 I found an artist featured whose specialty was butterfly paintings. I really liked the large number of butterflies she had painted. Then suddenly I remembered something from my 5th grade art class. Our teacher made us draw a butterfly and paint it with water color. After we were done we could look at each others work. Of all the butterflies in the class I liked the butterfly made by a girl sitting in front of me. Her butterfly had mustard yellow wings with black dots on it.

Also, I had been seeing gallery walls on pinterest and different blogs and I love the whole concept of a gallery wall. I would love to have one with family pictures and one with only pictures from family vacations and call it after Dr. Suess "Oh, the Places We Have Been." And I imagined another gallery wall with a Bible verse, a chalk board, a heavy rusted key, a clock and the letter J.

But I really wanted to paint butterflies. Also, our family pretty much always uses the door from the garage that leads into to kitchen to come home. We hardly ever use the front door. So I wanted to make this area welcoming and pretty. Those are the reasons I decided to do this butterfly gallery wall.

I would not have configured these paintings the way I have if it was not for a blog post on how to do a gallery wall that I saw in the blog Michaelanoelle Designs. I was originally planning to have two straight rows of pictures. I am glad I did not go that route. Thank you Michaela. Also, I googled watercolor butterflies to see images of butterflies painted with watercolor because I was not satisfied with what I was doing on my own. The color combinations, the splotches on the wings, the shape of the wings and the shape of the antenna etc are heavily influenced by the images I saw when I googled "watercolor butterflies." Thank you to Google.

The blue-green color combo is definitely something imitated from an image I saw on the web. I had never thought blue and green were a good combination.

I painted a total of  10 butterflies and hung eight of them. I hope you are not too tired of butterflies by now and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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