Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pretty Wreaths from Martha Stewart

Today I would like to share some images of wreaths that I like with you. I found these images in the Martha Stewart website. Martha Stewart is soo talented. She is definitely a lady I admire a lot.

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I love all of these wreaths. In the first image I like the grapevine, the pompoms, the lavenderish, grayish candles, the old looking silver candle holders, and the green ribbon. In the second picture I love the creamy white flowers and how they look against the perfect gray wall. I love the acorns tucked amid the paper leaves in the third wreath, the two different shades of gray in the fourth, and how perfectly autumnal the fifth and 6th wreath look. I think it is such a gift to have the ability and talent to create a beautiful and well cared for home for your family. Martha certainly knows how to do that. Once, several years ago, I borrowed this huge book written by Martha from the library. It was full of instructions on how to do everything perfectly for your home..from how to fold a fitted sheet to how frequently to clean the patio. Her knowledge about such things is truly amazing. Coming back to the topic of wreaths, which wreath did you like the best? Have a great day!

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