Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Books on a Bookshelf

Since yesterday I have been arranging this book shelf. From several blogs that I have been reading I got the idea of arranging books according to color. Last year around Christmas time I wanted all the books to look white so I tried to wrap the books with white paper. I don't know why but later I changed my mind and so only some books are covered.
In the top shelf I kept a few of the books I covered with white paper.... this reminds me of school days in India. We had to wrap every single note book and text book with brown paper and label the book with our name, class, school name etc. So I am really good at wrapping books. Anyway, I arranged the rest of the books according to the color of the spine. A lot of paperbacks have several colors on the spine so it is not easy to put them in any color category. I love hardcover books with cloth binding and gold or black letters on the spine. They make me feel as though I am in a library in an old medieval castle with lots of portraits of ancestors hung on the walls.
This morning on pinterest I found this bookshelf which I like a lot.
I like everything about this picture. I love the detail of the stack of books on the table with the topiary on top. Once I tried to make a side table in our living room with a stack of books. It was okay for a while. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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