Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Decorating the front porch for Christmas

One thing we do as a family during Christmas time, without fail, year after year, is drive around the town that we live in and admire the outside lights in the front yards of the various neighborhoods that make up our city. I love that feeling of driving around through snowy streets, our family warm and cozy in the car, just taking in the sparkle of the lights on the streets, the nativity scenes in the yards, the lit trees, the lighted stars, snowmen, reindeer, balls and wreaths. I guess, you can call it our family's Christmas tradition.
When it comes to decorating the outside of our home, my husband does all the lighting of the trees, fence, hanging the stars and lighting the angels in our porch and yard. However the door is my responsibility. This year I wanted to gather inspiration from pinterest before I attempted to do so. Here are the images that have inspired me.
Lanterns on the wall, ceiling and the floor, garland lit or unlit over the door, and urns are definitely the elements that are part of the images that are inspiring me.
What are your plans for your front porch and door? I hope you have a great day!

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Decora Adora said...

Your imagen are more inspiration for me. I love your blog!!!