Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preliminary stages of Christmas decorating

My Christmas decoration is only in the very beginning stages. Here are a few random images from things I worked on since Monday. I want to add different textures in the form of greenery, and pinecones to this table since right now it is too metallic and too silvery.
I would like to paint the nativity blue or white and also add more characters, such as the angel, more animals, shepherds and three kings if possible. Also, I want to do something more with the twigs.
Here is the half-decorated mantel. I want to add a lot of white candles to the ledge, twinkly lights to the garland and blue balls to the garland also.
Here is the coffee table. I want to add more warmth, and texture and cozyness to it. I am planning to bring a bare branch from outside, paint it white and hang ornament balls on it. I am having a lot of fun doing this. Are you done with your decorating? Or are you like me, just starting? I hope you are having fun!

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