Friday, January 18, 2013

Gold with purple and pink

Recently I have been seeing a lot of gold in decor and fashion. This reminded me of all the gold embroidery and thread work done on saris that I grew up around. In India, for weddings and special occasions women wear silk saris and most of them are embroidered with gold thread.
I don't know if this intricate work is done by hand or by machine these days but in the past they were definitely done by hand by poor artisans.
If you go to a sari store in India it is amazing how much color, pattern and different types of thread work on different types of textiles we can see.
I think I love gold with pretty much every color but my current favorites are gold with yellow, gold with pink and gold with purple.
Do you like gold? With what other colors would you pair gold with? Have a great weekend!

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