Monday, March 11, 2013

BLT Fried Egg and Cheese Sandwich

(All images in this post are from Food&Wine annual 2008 cookbook) I grew up eating rice, yoghurt, lentils, vegetables and fish. And this is what I cooked for my family for a long time. But as time passed we started getting exposed to food from restaurants, cook books, TV shows, other cultures, and places and we started wanting to check out other flavors. And with that started my adventures in the culinary field. I have been experimenting with different recipes for a long time now and sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. However Sunday lunches have always been difficult for me because I have been guilty of making my family wait for long hours for Sunday lunch. This resulted in us ending up snacking on things like potato chips or crackers (not healthy, I know) and losing all appetite by the time it was time to eat and the end product not turning out all that great because I was feeling stressed out and guilty for making everyone wait. So this weekend I was determined that I would choose to make something for lunch that would not take ages. On Friday I noted this recipe for Sunday's lunch and it was a success. In our family there is a lot of conversation at meal times if what I cook is not awesome. However every time I make something everyone is enjoying there is pin drop silence. I was so happy to notice that there was pin drop silence yesterday at lunch while we munched on these sandwiches. It was awesome. Silence does speak louder than words, don't you think? According to the book this recipe only takes 20 minutes to make one sandwich. Of course I was making more than one and I did not time myself but it did not take much time. And yes, it looks like a breakfast recipe, I know because eggs and bacon are usually eaten at breakfast right? But for our casual family it works. The recipe calls for "runny" eggs but I cooked the eggs fully because I don't like eggs that are not fully cooked. The recipe called for rustic white bread, and I used ordinary white cottage bread. We always have whole wheat bread so for us it was a nice change to indulge in some "not healthy," white bread. The white bread is so soft compared to whole wheat bread, right? The recipe for this quick and delicious recipe can be found in the Food&Wine 2008 cookbook. Btw, this post is not sponsored by anyone. I just happened to have this book in my home and just happened to try out this recipe. I could not take my own pictures of the sandwiches I made because all of you bloggers know how time consuming taking pictures can be and I did not want to make my family wait any longer than was absolutely necessary. What easy recipe do you have for Sundays or weekends? Have a great Monday!

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