Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Roses (updated)

Winter is very much in full swing here with 4-6 inches of snow outside our house that fell overnight. Nonetheless, I cannot stop my brain from fast forwarding to Spring. I am dreaming of white roses for our porch. I think it would be so pretty if I could plant white climbing roses near it and it would spread around the porch like in the picture above.

Source: flickr.com via Anna on Pinterest

Or I could have an arch somewhere in the middle of the backyard or front yard and it can be full of white roses like in the picture above. How pretty would that be! Do you like white roses? Have a great Tuesday! Note: I removed the last picture of the roses because I thought the garden in that picture looked way too crowded--more like a forest than a garden in that picture and so it did not quite represent the image of a rose canopy that I have in my head.

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