Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue and Green

I painted a paisley pattern onto a pale blue piece of cloth because I wanted to make a cover for a pillow with it for my living room sofa, in order to bring spring into my home. This is a very experimental project and I did not use fabric paint. So I don't know if it will survive a wash. After I saw a blue and green color combo on a fabric in Elle Decor about which I blogged about a few days back, I really wanted to try out the blue-green combination in my home. I already had blue fabric so all I needed was green paint. First, I printed the image I wanted and then I traced that image onto wax paper from my kitchen, with my trusty black marker. Then I placed the image from the wax paper onto the fabric and drew the outline of the design with pencil and after that I painted over it. Is there a better/another way to do this? Do you like fabric painting? Hope you have a wonderful day!

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