Monday, April 15, 2013

The Quiet Beauty of Gray

A few years ago I fell in love with the color gray. It was a gradual progression for me who comes from the country of saturated hues. First I started liking blue, and then I liked smoky blue and then finally it became gray. It all started with noticing the sky and its changing moods. I suddenly started noticing that the sky was more gray than blue most of the time. (The above image is "putty" by Martha Stewart.) and I like it.
I love the softness and quietness of gray. When I look at this picture I feel that it is when we layer pretty details that we end up with a beautiful look. Layering and details is the key.
Love this!
Do you like gray with gold? I think I do.
Love all the pillows in the different shades of gray. In nature, there are a gazillion shades of gray--apart from the grays of sky,(the gray of ominous gathering storm clouds, the gray of an overcast sky before a rain, the gray of a melancholy cloudy sky when it does not rain, the afternoon gray sky and the dusk gray sky--each are so subtly different conveying different moods) there is the dove gray, slate gray, the gray of burnt embers, ash gray, heather gray and on and on. It is so hard to choose if you want to decorate with gray paint or fabric.
This is so feminine, pretty and wintry! Do you have a favorite gray? Have a great Monday!

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