Monday, June 17, 2013

Embroidery Hoop Word

Here is the embroidery hoop word I made. Joshua suggested the word.
Since the fabric and the thread I used are different shades of blue, I wanted to bring out more of the blueness and so I kept a bowl of blue pom-poms that I made last Christmas on the table. I read in a magazine article as well as in a blog that if you have a certain color in a very small quantity in a room, such as in a rug, or curtain and you want to accentuate that color you can do so by introducing other elements into that same room with that same color. That was the technique I was trying out here in this vignette. So in order to highlight the blue color from the embroidery hoop word, I found a book with a blue spine and gold lettering which I also kept on the table. However, the blue of the book does not show up as blue so much in the picture. I also kept a lamp that has blue on it which my husband Jerry Anthony brought for me from Turkey where he had gone for a conference last year.
Yesterday I made the Alphabet A (for the first letter of our last name) with cardboard and covered it with grey and silver polka dot gift wrapping paper. I fixed it on this same wall on the family room where I have the embroidery hoop word. All I have to do is take pics and post. Hopefully I can do it soon! Do you like embroidery?

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