Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Memories of vacations

When our kids were in elementary school our family took a lot of vacations and travelled quite a bit to interesting and historic locations in the United States. And everywhere we went we would go to the sounenir shop and pick up a little something. A coffee mug, a necklace, a toy or just some picture postcards.
Going through old photographs I found three picture postcards that are like black and white photographs or pencil sketches. One is a historic building, one a pretty street and the third a rural scene of a horse driven buggy and lots of hay. I framed them in frames lying around to hang in our living room. We have not put nails yet to hang these but here is a tiny preview of these pics. I like them because they have an old world charm and because it reminds us of happy memories of trips we took as a family. Have you framed picture postcards? How do you preserve memories of past vacations? Shall share these again when we hang them in the living room. Right now, they are just leaned on the wall in the family room. Have a wonderful day!

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