Monday, July 1, 2013

Red,white and blue pom-pom garland (Updated)

I made a pom-pom garland consisting of thirteen pom-poms in red,white and blue to represent the original thirteen colonies that participated in the American Revolutionary war.
I made the pom-poms with white yarn and then dipped four pom-poms each in red and blue paint. I dipped the last pom-pom in red and blue paint.
Then I wrapped two glass jars with red crepe paper and made white and blue dots on it to make a fourth of July vase for some daisies I gathered from our yard.
If you check out my post on Friday, June 28th, you can see the fifty paper flowers I made to represent the fifty states in the United States represented in the fifty stars in the flag. If you would like to check out my 1776 sign you can look at my post on Thursday, June 27. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a recap of all my fourth of July crafts. Have a great day!

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