Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sofa Styling

This is how I styled our living room sofa earlier this week. Last Friday I bought this yellow Trelliss fabric and I made covers for the two larger pillows. I made another polka dot cover with orange felt leaf for another small pillow in the same way I had made the other smaller pillow earlier. And I wanted the last pillow to be different and so I used a pale yellow fabric with gold polka dots that I had painted a while ago. I have not finished sewing the pale yellow pillow with the gold polka dots, but wanted to see how it looks. I chose a smaller print fabric for the larger pillows and the bigger print for the smaller pillows.
This is how it looks from the side of the family room. Also, I really liked this gray quilt with white pom-oms that I saw in a blog and found it is from Ballard Designs. I decided to make one and bought some gray fabric. I just spread the fabric on the sofa to see how the pillows look against the gray. I have not even started making the quilt yet.
This is how it looks up close.
I also want to change the cover for the other pillows in this room for a more autumn look. I will be sure to share them as soon as I am done. If you google sofa styling/pillow styling you can find lots of ideas on how to choose fabrics of various styles, prints and patterns and combine them for a stylish/elegant look.
This is how the sofa looked earlier. I am sorry the pictures with the new pillows are not that great because the weather was not perfect. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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