Thursday, July 10, 2014

Journal and Ministry idea about "Writing as a Tool to Study God's Word"

Yesterday I made this journal with paper from paper studio, ribbon, stickers and simple notebook paper. For Mother's day last year I made another journal for my mom which had a picture of my two kids. I got the idea for that from martha If you would like to see it you can check it out in one of my blog posts from may 2013. I also wish to share a ministry idea that I have which has to do with a journal. Last Sunday, a lady in my church asked if I could talk about writing at a breakfast for women at our church. I said okay. When she said that this idea of a journal came to my mind. This is the title of the topic that came to my mind. Writing as a tool to study God's word. I thought the ladies in our church could spend five or ten minutes just writing. We could pick a Bible verse like for example., My help comes from the Lord, The maker of heaven and earth Psalm 121 or In the beginning was the word; The word was with God and the word was God. John 1:1 Using that verse as a starting point all ladies can spend 5 minutes just writing what this verse means to them personally. They can look at the verse as many times as they want and let the words take deep root and just write without worrying about anything else. Like they don't have to worry about if the words they write sound perfect, or if it looks cool or not. They just have to let the words flow. Then all ladies can share by reading aloud what they wrote. Then they can go home and practice this everyday and this practice will deepen their wisdom and understanding of God's word. If we have the habit of writing God's word everyday, then it will draw us closer to our heavenly Father. Then we will understand His will and purpose for our life. By spending time with God, through seeking to understand Him through writing about what He is saying to us through His word we will be blessed. We will know the truth. And the truth is God's word. Then we if we know the truth about our life, we can be protected from the enemy. I feel writing is a blessing and writing God's word is a blessing. If the great people in the Bible did not write God's word down in the Bible as per inspiration from the Holy Spirit where would we be now. We would not even have the Bible and without the Bible we are lost. So writing is an important habit to include in the life of every believing lady. I started writing at age 9. But it is not rocket science. Everyone can write. We can all learn to write. I don't know if this idea is workable, but it is just an idea in my head. I love making journals. This type of journal is not as cool as the ones you get from Target, but I love making this type of journal. I can make any number and I will never feel bored. When I prayed about this idea, my heavenly Father showed me the word "acknowledge your God in all your ways and He will make your path straight." So I lay this humble idea at the feet of my heavenly Father if it is good and practical, so be it, if not just ignore. May God bless you. Have a great day!

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