Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red, White and Blue Flowers

Yesterday my husband Jerry Anthony bought me these flowers. We had dropped by at the grocery store to buy Ice Cream and for some reason I asked if I could have flowers. Then I got these. I arranged them in a vase I made with glitter and glass jar. I bought the tray from Target recently on clearance.
I played around with picmonkey and added all these images to the photo. Yesterday I thought about how majority of Americans would be eating barbecue and lounging around in the backyard with friends and family enjoying the beautiful summer weather and I thought they are able to do that because somebody who came before them paid the price. The soldiers who fought the revolutionary war were actually civilians and they fought against the well trained British army. These soldiers who were drawn from among farmers and grocery store owners had no training in warfare, had no weapons and no finances to give them high level military training. I remember reading a story of how, I think it was in the battle of Delaware or some battle that was fought during the winter, the soldiers had no winter shoes yet they trudged around with frozen feet to do their calling and that was to fight the mighty British. But what they had was a belief in their heart that what they were doing was the right thing.
If they did not pay the price there would be no red, white and blue flowers and no barbecue. So here is a salute to all the brave people who paid the ultimate price. Digressing just a little bit, I also tried keeping these flowers near the window in the kitchen.
May God bless you and have a wonderful day!

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