Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pound Cake and Memory book page for Joshua (Updated)

Today I baked this pound cake. I got the recipe from Food and Wine Annual Cook Book 2008-- an entire year of recipes. I made this cake for Joshua who got A+ in all his school subjects. I am so proud of Joshua.
Here is a memory book page I am making for Joshua. This picture was taken when Jeremiah and Joshua were playing baseball. Our family visited Cooperstown which is filled with baseball museums and baseball stores. We took the children there thinking it would encourage them in their baseball playing talent. The town of Cooperstown is quaint and picturesque like it is from a story book. The streets are lined on either side with street lamps (I don't remember if it was cobblestone) but everything was perfect and peaceful. In the bus that took us to the city center the driver greeted our children and gave them souvenirs. Every body wears clothes which are formal and people are greeted with old fashioned politeness. That trip was the best memory ever.
I have not finished making this page. I cut out J shapes with different patterned paper, sewed buttons onto paper and cut out stars from star patterned paper. Shall share once I am done. Have a fabulous day!

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