Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabric Paint

Yesterday when I got some time, I stencilled this pattern onto this fabric. Sometimes, when I go to the fabric store it is hard to find fabrics that are simple. Sometimes everything seems too busy. Plus, I have something specific in my mind for the fabric I wanted, so I bought a stencil with this pattern on it, and Acrylic Paint and made this design. Once I finish making all of the flowers I could use the fabric for a table cloth, table runner, place mat etc. You have to mix the Acrylic Paint with Textile Medium to make it work as fabric paint.I got this idea for making my own prints on fabrics from the blog Pure Style Home. Stencils are not that expensive at all. I got mine for $2.99. There are so many patterns available. I have also seen people making a stencil because they like a pattern so much and they cannot find it in a store. I have not made my own stencil. Acrylic paint is also not that expensive and there are so many colors available. Textile Medium is available in all craft stores , I think.
Apart from using Acrylic Paint mixed with Textile Medium to make fabric paint you can also use Screen Printing Paint. However, there are not that many colors available in Screen Printing Paint, but the price is roughly the same. Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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