Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

I love gingerbread houses. I have made only one gingerbread house my entire life. God-willing I will be able to make a gingerbread house in 2013. However, I love looking at them. Here are some that I think are cute that I pinned a couple of days ago. I love, love the specific shade of lavender on these houses and how well it goes with that particular green.
I think a traditional red, white and brown look cute as well. I think maybe red and white goes really, really well with deep, dark, rich chocolatey, coffeee brown. I wonder if a lighter brown would look so nice.
I love all the details in this. So amazingly intricate. And so many colors too, right? Red, white, three shades of green, light brown, dark brown, white and even some purple.
This one is also rich in detail. How adorable are the gingerbread man and woman on either side of the door. I also like that the candy canes are red, white and green.
Departing a little from the topic of gingerbread houses, here is the lavender and green combo on two trees. In the first picture I noticed the lavender and green after I saw these two trees and a write up describing them. After reading that description and seeing these two trees, I think I absolutely love the lavender and green color combination. Do you like gingerbread houses? What is your favorite color combination on gingerbread houses? Christmas blessings to you!

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