Monday, December 10, 2012

Non-traditional Wreath

Ever since I saw the picture of a non-traditional wreath in the November or December issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine in 2010 I wanted to have a non-traditional wreath as well. However I was not sure how to go about it. The non-traditional wreath that I liked was a silver dish garnished with ornaments. It looked so pretty. I kept racking my brain for an idea for a non-traditional wreath as well. Should I paint seashells and hang them up? Or should I paint a round cookie sheet, decorate it with tinsel and hang it up? Since my efforts to think outside the box did not result in any viable plan I decided to give that idea up and go with a traditional evergreen wreath and decorate it with blue balls. However one day while jogging around our ping-pong table in our basement which is now filled with Christmas decorations I saw these stars and suddenly I got an idea for the non-traditional wreath that I wanted. So I piled up the stars and hung them on ribbon and for added glamour attached blue ornament balls.
Speaking for myself, I like this wreath. It reminds me a little bit of how Christmas is celebrated in Kerala, India where I am from. For decoration we stuck to paper stars which was usually hung on the front porch of homes and the nativity which is called a "crib" there. The paper star usually is lit with a bulb. So these stars sort of reminds me of that.
What do you think of my wreath? Do you like it?
The last picture is after I played around with the picture on pic monkey. My proudest accomplishment is that I made the doorknob disappear by using the "Clone" tool. Do you like it? I hope you are having an awesome Monday!

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