Saturday, June 22, 2013

Four Butterflies Updated

I added one more butterfly to the mix. Earlier I had painted some butterflies to this same wall. I cut out one painted butterfly and added it to the earlier butterflies. I removed the pic of the three butterflies. Earlier I made two butterflies with scrap book paper and stuck it on the wall of the tiny hallway between the garage and the kitchen. I saw a small picture like this in House Beautiful and wanted to try it out. For one butterfly, I just cut out a butterfly shape on paper and stuck it on the wall with tape, and placed a frame on it so that it framed the butterfly. I removed the glass from the frame. I like the look of the paper wings sticking out and this is how it looked in the magazine too. For the other butterfly, I did not have a frame and so it is just there. The third butterfly is with fabric. I cut out the shape of a butterfly on fabric and sewed it to another piece of fabric. Then I stuck it to the wall with tape and placed a wood frame around it without the glass. Do you like butterfly art?

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