Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Growing up Together Memory book pages

Here are some pages I made for an album I am making filled with pictures of both my children. Since they are only two and a half years apart in age they are very close and grew up doing many things together. From stroller rides on the double stroller, to playing with legos, doing art together sitting with paper, scissors and paint on the dining table, to piano lessons with the same teacher, to riding bikes, going on vacations and sharing a room they have a ton of shared memories.
This picture was taken in Iowa City. I think I had given them craft supplies to craft simple art projects at a table in the kitchen and after that I took a picture of them.
This picture was taken in Tallahassee, Florida. Jeremiah was always trying to hold Joshua. He totally adored his baby brother.
Picture taken in Iowa City in our old house where they shared a room.
This picture was our Christmas card in 2006. I love the short poem on Christmas I found while searching for good scrapbook page layout ideas. I found a page just like this, of two bothers and copied it exactly since I loved that page. The poem says, CHRISTMAS IS the gift of love. the warmth of caring, a time of wonder the joy of sharing. I think that is perfect and captures the true meaning of Christmas if we think about it. God's son Jesus is the gift from our heavenly Father. At Christmas time we take time to think about others and take a break from our fast paced to-do list life, connect with family and friends and that warms our hearts, and then we are struck with wonder at the magic of it all, that a part of heaven is actually a part of our life, that God's son was born in a stable and a tiny baby's cry intermingled with the moos of cows and the bleating of sheep. Outside in the clear midnight sky from a distance we can hear songs of angels announcing the birth of God's son that breaks the silence of midnight and even though we cannot fully fathom the mystery and beauty of it all we share our joy with others. Since I thought that tiny poem captured the essence of Christmas I included it in the page.
We went to Disney World in 2002. We did the 100 acre wood ride, the to infinity and beyond ride, dumbo ride, watched the parade, went to the Little mermaids cave and much much more. There is so much to do in Disney World.
Both my kids loved legos. Saturday mornings or any other free time they got my children would build things with legos. We always encouraged them as they used their creativity and imagination by taking pictures of their creations and talking in detail about what they had made.
Jeremiah always loved the outdoors. Regular trips to the park, rides on the stroller, and lots of play time on swing sets, slides and sand boxes are completely essential to him. Even when he was a tiny baby if we just bring him to the porch/patio of our house he is immediately all smiles. When Joshua came along, my mom brought us a double stroller and both of them absolutely loved going on it. The first two years of Joshua's life we lived in a place filled with trees and green grass and all of the trees dripped with moss and it was so peaceful and nice. Just perfect for long walks with two kids in the stroller.
I hope you have a wonderful day!

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