Sunday, May 4, 2014

This little light of mine and what being "in Christ" means to me

I am pretty sure this post is going to be one of those posts that defies the rules of writing. One of the rules for writing is that every article, essay or even blog post should have a focus, or a theme. Well, this blog post might have a lot of themes, I will write anyway. When it comes to blogging I have a lot of fears and inhibitions. Recently these fears pretty much paralyzed me but I am slowly overcoming these fears. One truth that helped me overcome these fears is the knowledge that I am "in Christ." I am studying the book of Ephesians with a friend. Actually, my friend is leading the study and I am simply learning from the wealth of knowledge she has. In the first chapter of the book of Ephesians it talks about being "in Christ." That we are accepted by God because we are "in Christ." She explained this whole concept very well but I was still trying to understand what it meant to me in a personal and practical way. So this whole week every time I felt fearful I reminded myself that I was "in Christ" and therefore I don't have to be afraid to do the thing that I was scared to do. For example, I was terrified of going to the grocery store but I reminded myself that I was "in Christ" and went anyway. At the grocery store, I was buying eggs and found that in a lot of cartons the eggs were broken. Normally this would have completely freaked me out but I reminded myself that I was "in Christ" and continued shopping. Then it dawned on me what "in Christ" meant to me. The Holy Spirit reminded of the time when my kids were younger, (they are now 18 ad 16) and I used to take them to the park and if we were at the jungle gym I would encourage them to go higher on the gym and try new things and I would assure them that I was there holding them if they ever felt afraid or fell down while trying to go higher. To me "in Christ" means I can do things I want to do and Christ would be like my mom watching me, assuring me of His care and protection if I ever fell down. So what does this revelation have to do with blogging. Well, I started this blog in October 2012 and in July 2013 I stopped blogging because I was afraid. I restarted blogging right after Easter this year, but I still worry a lot about what to post, and what to write on each post. One of the authors that I have really liked recently is Seth Godin. Although I finished reading his book Purple Cow, every once in a while I like to open random pages and read just a little bit. Here is what I read a couple of days ago about Robyn Waters the VP of "trend, design and technical specifications," at Target. Target is my absolute favorite place to stop. I just feel so happy when I am at Target. <i>Case Study: Robyn Water gets it. ........"Robyn is the person who persuaded Michael Graves to make a teapot for Target. She's the one who searches out amazingly cheap but cool flatware, and little pens with floating targets in them. Instead of spending time and money trying to buy market share with advertising, Target has realized that by offering exclusive items that would be cool at any price--but that are amazing when they're cheap -- they can win without a big ad budget. Cool products that appeal to people who both buy new stuff and talk about it a lot are the core of Target's strategy. If a big box retailer like Target can obliterate Sears and Kmart, what's stopping you from many degrees cooler than your bigger competitors? From page 135 of The Purple Cow. Reading that made me ask myself the same question. What was stopping me form shining my little light on my little blog? My answer was FEAR. In a song by Shane Harper(who happens to be a role model for my 18 year old) titled "Hold you up", there is a line that says Fear is like a stone that sinks into your soul. In my experience it is true. Fear can stop you from being yourself, doing the things you love doing, and it weighs like a ton of heavy boulders in your soul. So today I decided that if I am "in Christ," I don't have to be afraid to try new things, I don't have to be afraid to do the things I love doing, I don't have to be afraid of shining my little light on my little blog. It is important to shine my light because my light can dispel someone's darkness. So today I have decided to push the limits of what I think I have the freedom to do, because I am safe "in Christ. Christ is watching over me, like I watched over my kids at the jungle gym; Christ will not let me fall just the way I would not let my kids fall. Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope it made sense to you. Have a great day!

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