Friday, April 12, 2013

Decorating with Books (updated)

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Something about books is very comforting to me. Books remind me of my parents' home which was filled with books often piled up everywhere.
When my kids were younger I used to read to them a lot. A major part of every Saturday was spent at the library. Isn't this such a cute idea if your kids are young or for an English class?
When I see books I remember a time in my life when life was simple and not complicated and everything was so happy. I am very happy now also, but the quality of happiness in one's childhood is certainly something very special, don't you think?
I used to love bookstores and could never get out of a bookstore without buying at least one book. Books always meant comfort and love to me. Even today I love bookstores. My favorite kind of bookstore is the type that have coffee shops inside them so you can buy your book or browse through books while having coffee and a cookie.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Isn't this window seat surrounded by bookshelves soooo cute. I always dreamed of curling up in a window seat with a book. Do you like books? Do you like decorating with books? Have a wonderful Friday!

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