Friday, April 5, 2013

Pretty Knitted and Crocheted things (Updated)

I love knitted and crocheted things. One talent I wish I have is the ability to crochet and knit.
If I had that skill then I could make so many things for my home. I love the crocheted flower pillow in the first picture. Pink, orange and gray---my favorite colors. And I love table linen with crocheted edges like this one.
How pretty would this edging be on a something....a pillow,curtain, tablecloth, throw or blanket.
In a pinterest board I saw an image of a colorful crocheted something which the pinner imagined would be a pretty curtain. That made me imagine my version of pretty crocheted curtains. Do you think this gray lace scarf, if it was big enough, would make a pretty curtain? Imagine sunlight filtering through those stitches!
I looooooove crocheted flowers. I love crocheted bags decorated with flowers. You can even use it to decorate your journal, pillows, head band, even a fill a vase with these. The possibilities are endless.
I have already blogged about this crocheted beauty. If I can make one like this, I will surely be in heaven. Anyways, I did try to learn knitting, thinking it will lead me to crocheting but the class through our local community college that I went to for knitting lessons was so noisy and crowded that I could not learn anything. I think I will try youtube. Do you know to knit? Can you crochet? I hope you have a beautiful Friday!

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