Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home office

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

As of now I have no office space. My lap top is usually on a desk in the master bedroom. I do all my sewing/diy/craft projects at different spots in my home--sometimes at the dining table, sometimes in the family room and sometimes in the bedroom. So I think I really need a space where I can craft, sew, blog, read books and blogs. It is in my bucket list to to have that space for myself.
In my home office I want a large desk to spread my things around. My fabrics, glitter, threads, glues, beads etc, etc. This desk looks big enough.
I want there to be lots of storage space, to keep everything.
I want there to be space in my office to keep books because books=love=simplicity of childhood=comfort, to me. I need to see books. Books remind me of my pappa who loves books and always instilled in me the love for books.
I want my office to be pretty like this. I would love lots of flowers on the desk. Flowers with faint sweet smell that I can smell when I am tired.
or like this. Do you have your own office space? If not, how would you like it to be? And if yes, how does it look like? Have a wonderful day!

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