Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ode to Autumn part 2

Today I would like to finish up my Ode to Autumn post. To bring more of the fall feel inside my house I brought in branches from two different trees from my yard into my house. I don't know what the names of these trees are but I love them very much. Both bloom with white flowers in spring and one of them in fall bursts with tiny green berries. Here is a branch from that tree on my coffee table.

 In winter these green berries become red and when the snow and ice covers them they glisten and it is the most precious sight. I can stare at that beauty for hours. The real berries are green and the orange berry looking things are fake things from hobby lobby that I stuck in the branch for some color.

This branch is from a tree next to it. In spring this tree also bears white flowers but in fall it does not bear berries. Instead its leaves turn golden. I think these leaves are so beautiful, the way they hang quietly. God definitely must be so beautiful if He can bring so much beauty in the leaves and the way they are arranged on the branches of the tree.

And finally I made a wreath for my front door. I made this wreath with the frame of an old wreath and odds and ends. I had some soft felt from hobby lobby with which I cut leaf shapes and flower shapes and stuck on the wreath. I made pom poms with yarn and added pinecones from my yard and dry pine needles from my yard and fake tiny pumpkins from hobby lobby.

My absolute favorite feature on this wreath are the pompoms I made with yarn. I learned to make this pom pom from a blog called creature comforts. I love pom poms. I think they make great trims on pillows, curtains etc expecially this time of the year because they feel so soft, cozy and warm.

While I was making this wreath I had a bizarre thought. What if pompoms grew on trees, and the what if the edges of all the roofs of houses were lined with pom poms and what if pom poms hung from hedges surrounding yards. It was definitely an interesting thought.

What type of fall decoration do you like?  Do you like pompoms? What do you do to make your home feel warm and cozy in fall?