Friday, May 10, 2013

A Journal for Mother's Day (updated)

For Mother's Day I made a journal for my mamma. I made this journal with scrapbook paper, paper border available in the scrap book section of Hobby Lobby, an old picture of my kids, a piece of yarn, and computer printer paper for the pages, needle, thread and glue. I got the idea to make this from MARTHASTEWART.COM. Here is an image of my inspiration. I interpreted this craft in my own way by using scrap book paper, sewing my own book and other small changes. First I made the book itself by folding the scrapbook paper in half, like a book and cutting the printer paper to a size slightly smaller than the scrapbook paper, folding it in half and then sewing both together. Like this. The sewed pages inside would look like this. Then I decorated the cover with this piece of black scrapbook paper with the fleur-de-lis pattern on it in the shape of a rectangle. Inside that, I cut out a scallop-edged oval shape (I had a small photo frame in this shape, so I just outlined it) and stuck it with glue on top of the fleur-de-lis paper. And then I cut out the photo in an oval shape and stuck it with glue on top of the oval shaped paper. Next, I used a paper border and stuck it on both edges of the book. My mamma's name is Leela and so I formed a small piece of yarn in the shape of the letter "L" and stuck it with glue on top. I think after the glue dries I will place a heavy book on this journal so everything gets strong. This is how the back side of the journal looks. Here is a picture of my mmma for my son's baptism in Kerala, India at my parent's home. Isn't my mamma so beautiful. To me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I love everything about my mamma. Her voice, her handwriting, her taste..... every thing. Here is a picture of my mamma and my pappa when my son Jeremiah was born. Jeremiah is now 17. When I was really little my favorite thing to do was to do my mom's hair, and reorganize her hand bag. She always had a huge collection of really cute bags. I loved taking everything out and then putting them back in the bag. I loved going shopping with my mamma. If I were in India now or if she was visiting me now I would go shopping with her coz we both enjoy that a lot. I really wish I can spend Mother's Day with my mom. I am really jealous of all people who can actually spend time with their mamma on Mother's Day. Here is a picture of my husband's parents for my son's baptism 17 years ago. My heart goes out to my husband because his mom is with God. She passed 16 years ago from cancer. My mother-in-law used to be a super talented person. I learnt pretty much all the basics in cooking and home management from her. She was just sooooo perfect in the way she managed her home. I really miss my mother-in-law a lot. When I got married, I had no clue about cooking or how to manage a home. My mother-in-law taught me soo much. She was a role model to me. How are you celebrating Mother's Day? Have a blessed day!

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