Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vignette in Family Room

I made this little vignette on a table in the corner of our family room. I made it with this frame I bought from Hobby Lobby yesterday because I love, love this frame. I love the swirls around the frame. I think this type of swirly pattern falls either in the category of Baroque or Victorian style. Either way, I love it. I was so happy to find it half off. The flowers are from my yard and the white cross also is from Hobby Lobby. It also has swirly patterns on it. The C like pattern on the top of the cross is the same as the wrought iron pattern in front of the windows of the home I grew up in, in India. I remember how carefully my parents chose it for the windows when they were building our home. Also, although the above picture is terrible I wanted to share what I did on the lamp over our dining table with sequins. I had a pack of white sequins in our craft cabinet and one day last week inspiration suddenly struck and I wanted to do this to that lamp with these sequins. I looped each sequin through a thread and tied it until I made lots of sequin garlands and then I draped those garlands over the lamp. Does it look nice? I cannot decide. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Shall try to take better pictures of the lamp decorated with sequins and share.

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