Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Joshua

On Mother's day, 15 years ago my husband and I brought Joshua home from the hospital. Everyone we met in the hospital hallways, elevator, parking lot etc kept wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. I felt so happy to be holding a perfect little bundle in my arms on Mother's day. Yesterday, our family celebrated Joshua's 15th birthday. Here are some pictures of the table. I really am blessed to be Joshua's mother. Joshua has always been a perfect child. This year, however, probably due to the fact that it is his first year in highschool which is new to him, he has changed a bit. He is not just as perfect as he used to be. But, I know God is testing me to see if I trust Him with my child and so I know everything will be okay soon and Joshua will be perfect as usual. When Joshua was in Junior High he got many opportunities to use his talents. Joshua loves singing, writing songs, dancing etc. In Junior high, he would write a song about pretty much every school assignment and subject and present it in class. But this year, his very first year in high school he has not so far received many opportunities for expressing his talents. Maybe that is why I chose Psalm 1:3 as inspiration for this table. I want Joshua to know that he will be successful in using his talents. I wrote a paraphrased version of Psalm 1:3 on two of the place mats using fabric paint. Because of the tree metaphor in Psalm 1:3, I painted a tree on the table runner using fabric paint. I made banners with pale yellow and mint (I think) green scrapbook paper. On each triangle I either spelled the letters to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" or I wrote something about Joshua so Joshua could read it. Here is an example: Here is another example. I made a banner for the wall along the stairs so when Joshua woke up in the morning and came downstairs he could read these words about himself. I made this big pom-pom with tissue paper and hung it on the fan in the family room. This is my favorite detail. I sewed pom-poms on both edges of the table runner. The birthday boy. I made a classic vanilla cake from bhg with sour cream frosting. Have a wonderful day!

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