Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bird Drawings in the family room

I pray today that God will hold in His arms and comfort all those who are suffering due to the tornado. If you have been following my blog you might remember that last week I drew some birds on a blue fabric in order to introduce more grays and blues into the family room. When I do DIY projects, I usually am in a hurry to see how it looks in the setting where I plan for it to be before it is even done. Well, last week's birds were like that. Done in a hurry 'coz I just wanted to see that blue color framed on that wall. Over the weekend, I realized that it was incomplete and tried to complete it with these. Although I had downloaded several bird images from marthastewart.com I decided to trace the outline of just one bird onto the fabric. So in these two pictures all the birds are the same. I like the uniformity. There is more space on that wall and I am planning to put more pictures. Shall show more as it comes along. Meanwhile, over the weekend, I worked on another pillow cover. I am almost done and cannot wait to share it tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek at the pillow. Yes, this is more gray. Remember I want to incorporate more of that color in the family room. With this pillow I can do that. Shall share more about the gold dots on it etc tomorrow. Hope you will check back. And hope we can all continue to hold up in prayer those hurting due to the tornado!

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