Thursday, May 30, 2013

Children's accomplishments, and gold painted tree branch with pom-poms and paper flowers

Recently, both my children were honored for the hard work they have done in different areas. My older son Jeremiah Anthony was honored with the Youth Human Rights award for starting a twitter account in his school that sends compliments to other students. My younger son Joshua was honored for receiving the 7th place in the country and 4th place in the state of Iowa in a national level French language test. So I displayed those two certificates in the corner of the family room that I have been working on. I already had the blue border from the scrapbooking section in Hobby Lobby and so I made a frame on the wall with the blue border by sticking the border onto the wall. With Joshua's certificate, I had to place the certificate first in black construction paper and then place it inside the frame made by the border. Jeremiah's certificate already came in a black frame. Also, I had this pretty branch from my yard. So I painted it gold and hung pom-poms I had made earlier, and paper flowers and just placed them in different spots on the branch. In early spring I had seen an idea in for making paper flowers and hanging them on a tree branch. So that was my inspiration for this. I hope you have a great day!

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