Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New gray and white stripe pillow with gold dots for the Family Room

Here is the second gray pillow for the family room sofa. This pillow cover was originally a floral pattern one. I do like floral patterns but more than that I want this room to be soothing for our family. That is why I want to add as much soft gray and soft blue into this room. This is not fully complete because I have to add gold dots to the ruffle on one side. I also have to do a bit more hemming. I had bought this fabric a long time ago just because of the gray. After I made the pillow it seemed kind of drab looking. So I decided to add gold dots to it. I have always loved gold dots on everything. Sometime in January I posted about drawing gold dots on yellow fabric after seeing it in an Indian movie. But I did not want just polka dots. I wanted a small design and so I made dots and surrounded each dot with more smaller gold dots. Tomorrow I hope I can share a sort of an organizational post involving more gold paint. I hope you will check back. Have a great day!

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