Saturday, November 17, 2012

Decorating kid's rooms and windows for Christmas

One of the things I definitely want to do this year is decorate my children's rooms for Christmas. When I saw this picture, right away I thought of my 14-year-old. There is only one window in his room and his bed is against it. I think I could pull it off with ornaments, greenery, tinsel, stockings and some of his old stuffed animals.When he was young he was really into stuffed animals. When he wakes up on Christmas morning how amazing would it be if he could see this.
My 17-year-old likes the uncluttered look. This could work well for the windows in his room. Instead of pinecones and bows I could use green and yellow ornaments since those are his school colors. This would be good for the dining room windows as well and this looks like something I can do. I know that the first image is so different from the second image and that is my biggest challenge when it comes to decorating... to pull off a streamlined and seamless look as opposed to random. I am trying to solve it by just staring at images I like and hoping that what I eventually do will be something nice.
I love the simplicity of how the windows are draped with a single line of greenery. However, I think the room overall looks nice due to the lanterns, the topiaries, the wicker and the creamy carpet, throws and pillows.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I like this but it looks way too complicated. I don't know if I can pull it off. I think it will look nice on a glass door leading to the porch or patio. These are my inspiration pictures for decorating my kids rooms and the windows in my home for Christmas. What about you? How do you usually decorate your kids rooms? Do you have a go-to plan for the windows in general? Do you have tried and tested ideas? Have a great weekend!

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