Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paper Flowers for Easter

To be honest, before every major holiday I freak out a bit. Yes, I love Christmas, Easter, birthdays and annivs but I always worry about whether I will be able to do a good job of celebrating each holiday and celebration in the way it should be. This year Easter is a lot earlier than usual. Usually Easter comes in April but this year it is on the 30th of March and I am already freaking out. I just feel it is all my responsibility to make sure my kids understand the true meaning of these holidays, that we are able to pass on our traditions from our community in Kerala, India at the same time we embrace the way it is celebrated in the US. I feel that if I am not able to do that my children will grow up without any sense of belonging or being rooted. I think all celebrations and holidays come with a certain "feeling" and I just feel the responsibility of getting that "feeling" right for my family making me as afraid of the holiday as much as I look forward to it. Anyways, I have been thinking about decorating for Easter and I think I want to make these. I pinned this image from marthastewart.com. I hope I am able to make the paper flowers.
This is a paper Amaryllis. Don't you think it is pretty?
And these are paper Dahlias. I think, in pictures paper flowers look as pretty as real flowers. Do you like paper flowers? What are you planning for Easter?

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