Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slipcovered Ottoman

The only regular television watchers in our family are my husband Jerry, and our 17-year-old son, Jeremiah. Both of them bond over the watching of basketball, football and other sporting events. Myself and our almost 15-year-old hardly ever watch any TV. Our basement is our official TV viewing area for our family. The only furniture in the basement is a sofa and an ottoman. The rest of the space is taken up by a ping-pong table. The ottoman was the color of oatmeal when we bought it in 2009 from a local furniture store. I liked its neutral fabric in the beginning but recently I thought it was looking dull. So I decided to make a slipcover for it and so for the past three days I have been working on making a slipcover for the ottoman with some fabric I had. Here is what I worked on. I used the Slipcovered Ottoman tutorial from the beautiful Dear Lillie blog to make this. I took such a long time just because I was sewing everything by hand instead of using a machine. I was inspired by Kate Spade style to add a bow to the ottoman. While I was sewing this slipcover I kept thinking of Kate Spade handbags and how many of them had bows on them and so that inspired me to tie the ribbon fabric into a bow at one corner. I tried very hard to get a good picture of the ottoman in the basement but since the basement has no natural light I did not succeed. So I carried the ottoman upstairs and kept it near the glass door in the family room to take these pictures. However, here is one picture from the basement. Now I am going to take the ottoman back to the basement where it belongs. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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