Monday, June 23, 2014

Blueberry muffins I made with Coconut oil, and my testimony

I decided to make all of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. I found this heavenly blue in Hobby Lobby on Saturday and started working on it yesterday afternoon. I thought I will make separate 5x7 pieces for each sentence in those verses. I also wanted to share with you this quote from a book I used to like a lot. The name of the book is Wuthering heights and the author is Emily Bronte. "Whatever our souls are made of His and mine are the same." I used to like that book so much. The gloominess and the melancholy in the book seemed to be a reflection of what was in my soul. Then Becky invited me to moms-in- touch and we started praying. In moms-in-touch we pray once a week. The prayer goes like this. Each week we focus on one characteristic of God. For example this week we focus on God's wisdom. Then the next week it will be His righteousness, and the third week it will be His compassion. So for example, if the prayer sheet this week is God is wise, then we praise God for His wisdom. We read two or three or four verses from the Bible that focuses on His wisdom and using those verses as a starting point we praise Him. Each person in the prayer group praises Him. Then there is a time for silent confession of sins if any. Then there is a time of thanksgiving. We give thanks to God for all the little things and big things He has done for us that week. Then after that we pray for each child. So the prayer format is as follows-- Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. I loved this prayer group a lot. Becky invited me because I used to take my kids to AWANA and she saw me at AWANA. She has seen me at Lincoln Elementary where my kids and her kids studied so she invited me. Through praying together we became friends. Becky is a fan of Jane Austen and all chick flicks. She gave me a ton of chick flicks to watch when we were in the church apartment. She gave me Princess Bride I just felt the message in princess Bride was from God for me. Anyway, coming back to Jane Austen, the world in Jane Austen is very different from the world of Wuthering Heights. The World of Wuthering Heights is gloomy and melancholy as though happy endings will never happen. But in Jane Austen the message is like in the Bible. That there can be a happy ending. We can find true love and there will always be trouble, but if you are a good person and seek goodness and stand for goodness there is always a happy ending. From someone who believed in tragedy and gloominess no matter what I do, I became a person who believed that there can be happy endings. That went along with what I was learning from God. That He is righteous, just and wise and He is like our Father and He loves. This change from a belief that there might not be happy endings to believing that no matter how much trouble we see today we can have happy endings is my testimony. The more I came closer to God, God was showing me His goodness, teaching me, and giving substance to the vague longings in my soul. For example the first time I went to the store Pier 1 Imports, I remember feeling so happy. I did not want to go away from that store. I just wanted to stay. Sometimes I would buy some things and sometimes not. God showed me through blogs how there are other women who also loved Pier1 Imports and how I can use the stuff in Pier 1.
Also, I made blueberry muffins this morning. I made it with coconut oil. May God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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