Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In Christ alone my hope is found (updates with picture of crepes I made)

I give myself and my children to God everyday. He is my refuge. I don't know if I am perfectly beautiful but in the Bible God promises to give me a beauty that does not fade away. The beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. I pray for that kind of beauty everyday. Sometimes I feel God does not love me at all. Then I need a word from God to help me believe. Also, the cards that I made yesterday are completely blank. Nothing has been written on it at all ever. God can write anything He wants on it. My kids also need God's guidance, care, protection and love in their lives.
Also, I made crepes this morning. In the Bible there is a description of Christ making breakfast consisting of fish for His disciples. So, I always wonder what Christ would like to eat in Iowa? I would love to make exactly what Christ wants for breakfast, lunch and supper. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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