Monday, June 16, 2014

Cards I made and our Heavenly Father's love for us

Over the weekend I made these cards. I really enjoyed making these cards.
Yesterday was Father's day and so it made me think a lot about our heavenly Father's love for us. My earthly dad who raised me loved me and my brothers a lot. In my dad's eyes I am perfect. My dad encouraged me in everything whether it was running, painting, writing, reading drawing. No matter what I did it was perfect to my dad.
One day I felt my heavenly father was calling me into a deeper walk with Him. I felt a little scared. I felt my heavenly Father's presence following me through every room in my house. If I was in the kitchen I could feel my heavenly Father's presence there. If I was in the living room I could sense His presence there. I was not sure what my heavenly Father required of me. I had dreams and goals. I wanted to do MFA in the Iowa Writer's Workshop or I wanted to do a Ph.d in Victorian Literature. What would become of my dreams and goals if I gave my life and dreams to my heavenly Father. Then suddenly out of the blue I was reminded of an incident when I was 8 or 9 years old. At the time, one of my uncle's who was in the United States would send the Time magazine to another of my uncle's who was in Kerala. My dad loved reading the Time magazine and so one day while we were in my grand uncle's house (a beautiful house surrounded by trees) and I was looking at the cows and trees and chickens in the backyard my dad called me and said to me, (showing me a painting of houses in the Art page of Time magazine,) if I would like to paint a similar painting. I said yes. When we went back to our home, my dad borrowed that magazine from my grand uncle's house and bought me lots of paints, brushes, canvas etc and I painted that exact same painting. This made my dad very happy. My dad custom framed that painting and hung it in the living room. I had completely forgotten this incident in my life but my heavenly father reminded me of it and then said to me, Can you trust your dad? I said yes. Then He said to me then you can trust me. And suddenly a huge weight lifted off of me It did not seem that complicated. My heavenly Father, God is just like my dad. I can trust him.
Before the past five years I had assumed everyone's dad was like my dad. I thought everyone's dad cared, loved and was kind. However in the past five years, my heavenly Father showed me that not everyone's dad is like my dad. Some people's dad's abandon them. Some people's dad don't care or don't love that much. This leaves a terrible vaccum in their lives and we have to understand them and point them to the love of our heavenly Father.
Our heavenly Father's love for us is really deep. He loves us in detail. That was the insight I received yesterday. He does for us more than we can ask or imagine. An example of that is that I was unable to go for my cousin Anupa's wedding reception in New York, and I was sad about this because my cousin Anupa is one of the sweetest girls in this world. She had taken great trouble to attend my wedding when she was in high school. However I was unable to participate in her wedding. But my heavenly Father truly helped me participate through phone. My cousin Anupa, my uncles and aunts all called me and spoke with me, plus my older son and husband could participate in the wedding.
That and many other little little things my heavenly Father did for me made me realize that He knows, cares about and wants to take care of every detail of my life.
SO I want you to know, if you are reading this that you have a heavenly Father and that His love for you is very, very deep. It is deeper than we can comprehend. He cares about every detail of your life. Sometimes we look at the Bible verses about a father's love and we nod our head but don't really think it is true. Today, if you have doubts about your heavenly Father's love for you I want you to know that it is truly deep. He backs up His love with actions and it is so not empty words. My husband is also a very loving father to our two boys.
You can google verses about a Father's love if you don't know them already. I hope you have a wonderful day basking in your heavenly Father's love for you. (the Time magazine no longer has an art page)

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