Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flowers for Easter -- Work in Progress

First off, let me warn you that this is a work-in-progress post. Nothing looks or is finished. I am in the process of making paper flowers for Easter decoration. I wanted to make dahlias. I found a tutorial on marthastewart.com which involved the use of tissue paper. But I am using coffee filters. After cutting and shaping the flowers I dipped the flowers in purple paint,(a very enjoyable process). Why purple, you might ask. Well, somewhere in the back of my mind I have associated purple with Easter. But why, you ask again, do you associate purple with Easter. Well, largely because, I think, in Kerala, where I grew up, during Easter time the churches had crosses with a purple shawl/scarf draped on them. Maybe that is why I associate purple with Easter. I know that right now the flowers don't look very much like dahlias. I hope that is because they are wet with paint. My hope is when they are dry they will look like dahlias. Actually, it is fine with me if they resemble any flower at all for that matter. I am scaling down my expectations because that way if they do look like dahlias when they dry I will have a happy surprise. I love happy surprises. Do you? Have a great Tuesday!

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