Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flowering Tree -- Easter Flowers- Work in Progress

If you remember my post yesterday, I was trying to make paper dahlias. Here they are...all dried and pretty, (I think). While arranging these flowers I did not want to just put them in a vase or jar. I wanted to make them look like a flowering tree. In the spring, in Iowa City where we live, all the trees bloom and it seems that whereever I look there is a tree covered with flowers. I wanted to make this look look like a wild flowering tree with twisted branches weighed down with flowers. Unfortunately, it was not easy at all to make it look like a flowering tree. I used playdough to make the stems of the flowers look like a tree trunk since I did not have floral foam in my home. I covered the play dough with pebbles and the pebbles I covered with moss for a more natural look. I think I will need to work on it some more to make it look like a tree. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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