Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Beauty of the Sky

When I was three years old our family used to live in a two-story apartment building and our home was on the second floor. This apartment/flat had a balcony in the front. From the balcony you could look at the sky. Standing in the balcony and looking at the pretty clouds in the horizon there was something I always wanted to do. Walk all the way to the horizon, gather some pretty white clouds, put them in my pocket and bring it home. I really love looking at the sky. I love how the clear blue becomes a moody, smoky blue at times and then that changes to a smoky gray, and then a clear gray and and how it becomes velvety dark in the night and how it changes back to pale blue in the morning, not to mention the times with the fluffy white clouds, and the reds, pinks and purples of sunrise and sunset. Here is a view of the sky from my backyard. Do you like looking at the sky? I love the pictures of the parisian skies in the blog--parisinfourmonths. Seeing those pictures gave me the courage to document my own Iowan sky. Have a great weekend!

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