Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Definition of Luxury

Source: bhg.com via Anna on Pinterest

Sitting on a chair like this on a wet and rainy day, with my feet up on a matching ottoman, reading a magazine while sipping hot, milky tea flavored with ginger and cardamom and in between looking at the water droplets on the glass window pane....now, that is my definition of luxury. One day while reading the November 2012 issue of Elle Decor I found a short compilation of the definition of luxury by major designers. The definitions they said surprised me because I had always thought of "luxury" as something meant for the rich and famous. Some said luxury was living a responsible life and some others said luxury was clean bed sheets, polished furniture and some others said luxury was a discretion and ease. These definitions were new to me. I have copied them verbatim for you to think about. I hope they give you food for thought as it did me. "Luxury is living a simple, elegant and responsible life. Luxury is a reduction. We want to live elegantly but we need to be responsible of how we treat the environment." Volpe "Real luxury is the way you live--ironed sheets, fresh flowers, polished furniture, a welcoming house. The atmosphere you get when you really made an effort with the space versus a space devoid of life." Williams "Luxury is defining your life so it fits your needs." Mishaan "Luxury is discretion and ease--and obviously, comfort." Montoya These definitions made me think about my definition of luxury. So today when I saw the pink chair with the pillow covered in pink tweed and pink embellishments it dawned on me that my definition of luxury would involve pink, tea, rain, chair and pillows. What is your definition of luxury?

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