Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Today I had a beautiful surprise. I looked out the window early in the morning and this is what I saw. When my husband told me that the children had a 2-hour delayed school day I asked him why. He said there was 5 inches of snow outside. I was beyond thrilled coz after Christmas eve this is the first time it is snowing here and I miss how winter looks with snow.
There is snow on all the trees. Every limb and leaf is covered with dollops and dollops of this beautiful, white, heavenly thing.
There is snow on the ground in our yard, on all the fences, the bushes that bloom with purple flowers in spring and all other things in the yard is covered with snow.
There is snow in the planters on the patio,
and snow on the tree-tops that almost touch the sky. (Sorry for sounding like Dr. Suess)
There is snow in the horizon,
and snow on the roofs of houses.
On such a day, all I want is a room that looks like this in my home so I can take a long nap. Have a great Wednesday! Note: The last image of the white room is pinned. If you wish to pin it also can you please go to the original source and pin it from there since it is not my photo. All the other pictures are taken by me.

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