Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY clutch

I made this clutch from an old sweater and an old necklace.
I sewed the pendant of the necklace to the flap of the purse and the chain part of the necklace was sewed on to either side to make it into a strap/handle for the clutch. The necklace is not expensive at all. It is costume jewelry
I sewed on two small fabric roses that I had bought from Hobby Lobby to the flap as well. Since the sweater fabric was not very firm, I cut a piece of very thin cardboard in the size of the clutch and covered it with the sweater fabric and sewed onto one side of the clutch inside. This helped to keep the shape of the clutch firm. The size of the clutch is the same as a clutch that I had. The inspiration to do this project came from I have the image in my post yesterday.
Do you think this looks pretty at all? I would love your feedback? Would you care to carry a clutch like this? Have a blessed day!

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